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about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. paving the way for scotland to go it alone it leaders put pen to paper setting up a referendum for independence but twenty fourteen. basco says it's impossible to confirm whether damascus is using soviet era cluster bombs against rebels while the e.u. slaps the syrian government with new sanctions. and one man stuck in the seizure of the libyan opposition za last stronghold tells r t supplies and all the waleed all running out and. welcome to r t where we bring in the latest news from around the world twenty four
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hours a day seven days a week i'm karen. well the u.k.'s prime minister and scotland's leader have signed a historic deal paving the way for a referendum on breaking away by the end of two thousand and fourteen sara first is in edinburgh. prime minister david cameron met here in edinburgh today with first minister alex salmond they signed that memorandum of understanding ahead of the referendum for scotland's independence it will be held in the autumn of twenty forty now that is going to focus around a single question is the prime minister said today is that the biggest question of all will be set to assert for scotland all a united kingdom now that this is being used in the coming law wrangling lots of consultations but now all sides are going to be able to get a forward and they're going to be wanting to set forth their arguments to the scottish public about whether or not scotland should indeed be independent the
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polls often around a quarter of people actually full independence but you know it really is two years until that vote will be held it's an incredibly turbulent climate is the moment they campaign for keeping scotland within the union will say they said wes is to say there's nothing to worry about the majority in scotland want to remain within the union but you know it is old still to play for here and maybe west is a taking a bit of a gamble because they drop that middle option the devolution max the options of perhaps more powers to be handed to scotland that we struck there's no middle ground it really is one question it's all or nothing and you know possibly there'll be a lot of people here in scotland who are maybe on the fence he will say well i k we might not have wanted that we might have wanted to remain within the uk but actually we don't want to be left with nothing if we going to remain you can see a very interesting couple of years of fist fighting at the back of the school and
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begun prime minister david cameron house trust he believes the u.k. and scotland would benefit from sticking together but scottish m.p. linda fabiani believes even those opposing her nation's independence know can cope on its own. the new parties to conservatives the liberal plantin liberal democrats they are no longer seeing scotland couldn't make it but they are seeing is a push. to get into a nation that was one sometime you people use that scotland pursuant to the united kingdom and then we we believe that a lot of the money in is that lease and argument started scotland is quite clearly capable of in a bind everyone has to lay out their stock and it be up to us those who believe in independence those who believe that scotland can be a better country if it's an entity it's assumed decisions we show our case and the
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scottish people i meet such as the last two people to vote no that is the seeming parties you keep it's up to them to put their case for staying in the union and by the people scotland and scots would be big check maintaining links with united kingdom that mean they're cocked over rather than an independent country has a big need for the e.u. has slapped the syrian government with fresh sanctions it comes as claims emerge that soviet era cluster bombs are being used by assad forces moscow says that it cannot be confirmed because the region's being flooded with illegal weapons from abroad artist peter oliver has details. human rights watch the new york based watchdog has said this following what they've seen in a online video that soviet era cluster bombs were being used by the syrian government against the civilian population in syria and the ongoing conflict there now russia has rebuffed these claims wholeheartedly with the union there are
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plenty of weapons in the region right now with huge amounts being supplied illegally to syria and neighboring countries alleged there immersed in reason for in trainers in the conflict zone human this is being confirmed by independent media through the region is flooded with gnomes reproduce it's very hard to determine where they're all coming from the alleged cluster bombs are said to be from the soviet era we can come to terms with some countries regulating big production of soviet technology without a license fees and so there's plenty of things that need to be sorted out which together if you also took a lover of was giving is address he reiterated russia's stance which hasn't changed since the conflict first started over a year ago which is that they want to see both sides lay down their weapons they want a peaceful solution through dialogue so that stance is being backed up by the current joint u.n. arab league peace envoy lakhdar brahimi now he took over the job from kofi annan
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you remember he's currently on a tour of the region trying to convince syria's neighbors to stop pushing for both sides to lay down arms and comes to the table and come to the table for talks all of this comes against the backdrop of a further round of sanctions that have just been signed off on by the european union on syria. turkey says it will intercept all syria bound clients carrying dubious cargo has already granted an armenian plane taking it to aleppo and searched just cargo for possible military equipment and last week a syrian passenger jet was stopped for allegedly carrying russian made me missions for government forces moscow said the cargo was legal electronic equipment for radar stations manual oxon writer editor in chief of a german news magazine says turkey's violating the law. it's a complete procreation syria about not serious also procreation well cohorts of peace in the middle east region and so proliferation of more of the civil life
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critique in general or for charity does right now this is this complete program again it's not new with the billions going to western countries from goldstein's to the syrian rebels we are not discussing about the whore material we are not discussing about the weapons that i'm going issue and of course the communication technology which is the letter to the caribbean sea in syria by other governments we are discussing now about two planes intercepted by purity and this should be the international ok so you see this is what the u.s. government is doing there it is part of the program or we witness it since a long time. a british man who hacked into the pentagon ten years ago is set to find out his fate on tuesday washington has been seeking his extradition and a found guilty gary mckinnon suffers from mild autism could spend sixty years behind bars parties laura smith now reports his family fears he could take his life if he's shipped off to the u.s.
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. gary mckinnon smothered janice has been up all night working to get everything in order to convince the home secretary not to deport her mentally ill son the trial in america it's ten years since the u.s. demanded gary's extradition the hacking into the pentagon's computers from his north london bedroom he's mildly autistic and doctors say a very real suicide risk gary would not survive five minutes and that say agreed by so many top a psychiatrist and doctors do we really to date somebody with a mental condition who is suicidal and his emotionally to a child does a. civilized country do this surely not but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel to him second. terri has until october the sixteenth to decide whether she'll block the extradition gary's mother has high hopes as does his lawyer who would give up if the worst happens to move into the
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supreme court twice we've been to the house of lords we've been to the high court so you know there's we've exhausted every possible because we challenge we can because as they will to all absolutely sure i'm convinced that if would commit suicide so we're talking about man's life in total has built a successful practice on fighting water is seen as one sided extradition rules in the treaty with the us the americans must only show reasonable suspicion if they want to extradite to britain compared with probable cause going the other way the result nine times more britons have been extradited than americans it's a treaty that even david blunkett the home secretary has signed it in two thousand and three admits was a mistake it's now under review but so far it's just words also just talk has been prime minister david cameron and his deputy nick clegg's the ports but gary
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mckinnon both were loudly on his side while in opposition but after two and a half years in power there's been no action all the while the case is rob forty five year old gary of almost a quarter of his life and taken a potentially irreversible toll on his health is beginning to wonder who is real and who isn't he says it's like there's a veil between him and the world and sometimes actually feels that it's just not real gary used to say collies to swim music he signed if gary had been tried in the u.k. at the start he would have served his sentence and been able to put all this behind him by now as it is he's stuck in limbo still liable to sixty year. in an american jail and still insisting he was only looking for evidence of u.f.o.'s nora smith r.t. london they're honest facing
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a fresh round of sanctions over its nuclear program as the e.u. pounds gas exports and bank transfers from the islamic republic that's despite temperance apparent willingness to compromise on that in a few moments. a sacred place rising out of the waters of the lake the law ministry is home to one hundred fifty orthodox monks mostly younger than thirty five and they've come from many different places and backgrounds to live in isolation here spiritual life it takes up many hours on the road to becoming a monk requires both hard work and religious tele cation. to become and herd cattle as part of this preparation. however these beasts get a musical company. they can remember sound sequences you know they react to the
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sound signals the flutes the herders had in the old days they needed them it wasn't just fun but these meadows didn't come naturally requiring decades of composting to bring the soil up to farming standard this island is mostly rock. the soil here is very thin on the monks can't just get more of it because they're surrounded by the lake so they have to work very hard in order to provide whatever food they need. they grow their own crops found their own fish and repair their own churches . but the central purpose of the lawn has always been religious the main ministry surrounded by smaller priories spread through the many archipelago the monks here know their existence is a little different from that of other ministries here we are out of the way and we do have. bill creams and song times tourists as well as.
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a way of. trying clearly to use. this to. understand combination of high religion and down to earth hard work than motivates these men. wealthy british style. market finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on
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r.t. . download the official r.t. application to self choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's palace. he is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time any. welcome back to r.t.m. karen tower well british home security at secretary rather theresa may has told m.p.'s london is planning to opt out of one hundred thirty e.u. contracts on law and order the measures can then be renegotiated and redrawn once again as smoke is supported by the senior partner in the coalition the
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conservatives but opposed by the lib dems let's now talk to political blogger church. george so what is the point of this proposal of after leaving the u.k. they can decide to come straight back in again. where they're planning to. have all of them and then. it's us events if you so the idea of. the padre said powers to get pretty crazy stuff and you have a home of this just as you please your skeptic conservative backbenchers during summer has been participating and i would say rather than suzy asked equally with brussels on justice and home affairs why the change of heart now. well it's because from twenty fourteen member states will lose their individual veto. this area and they won't be able to do either and he proposes that come forward is that for you case using power was wrong it's you it's under the lisbon treaty to
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opt out so so it's a net result. policy they have the conservatives who support tree some a while the lib dems are in fierce opposition to redrawing contracts with the e.u. well could this latest work we see into this latest split in the coalition look at least. well they could be quite a big con crasher the lib dems have always taken a very different position on on the. european policy in front of the six while the conservatives now more than ever are you know you are sketchy part these three how to find. he with anything good to say about even the mavens and so i expect this arguments will rumble on with close to the hazards of an agreement between the two parties and. basically give the. u.k. doesn't have to decide which powers it wants all to back in soon so its twenty four
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tina has the potential to cause a lot of tension with the coalition partners between now and the general election that business secretary then cable earlier said the e.u. could be plunged into war if the euro collapses while the education secretary has reportedly said the u.k. should quit the e.u. unless extensive powers are taken back from brussels are british politicians trying to divert blame for problems at home to the e.u. . do you know i always try and see that the u.k. is one of the few e.u. countries actually to be back in recession the other is city and conservative ministers always looking. to avoid to push the blame on to the rather than on to their or their will stare a c. program. and go to leave the e.u. aid is actually supported by i believe around eight cabinet ministers that's because there's actually little. likelihood of the. thing the
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even katie hopes out of parts of this and. that's why i believe either u.k. should threaten to leave the leave a cobbled together in the hope that will then persuade brussels to grant concessions car. i love from london ga even political blogger thank you george. a libyan opposition stronghold is facing an ongoing siege with the residents calling for international help the conflict in bali bombing rather wally's already killed ten people in a series of armed confrontations last week the siege began when the national congress tried to arrest the suspected murderers of the man who captured colonel gadhafi but residents refused to hand them over dr abdul hamid al shannen doherty from the bani walid council is stuck in the middle of a battle but the boys couldn't. really go to the feast nor that are
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you know no you can go no trial you go there you are through a little bit what do you know of the fuel and the current. that are with the group but many issues are good at fighting the fire you want to go which can be pretty hard because they don't normally what is it but militia groups for your body what do you do you go. by that they were to. go and work there and we're. not the only group of. the government that we. thought of the group of comparable to what. the e.u. has impose fresh sanctions on iran you measure a stark attack iran's banking sector and gas exports and are aimed at forcing it to curb its nuclear program on sunday iran said it might consider lifting limiting rather uranium enrichment if it's allowed to have fuel for
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a research reactor but anti sanctions campaigner professor our boss at the lot says it's not a fear of a nuclear armed iran that's behind the piling sanctions. u.s. policies against iran have always been designed by the new conservatives and these are already lobby so that the negotiations with iran trade rather than succeed in fact are absolutely no justification for any kind of sanctions against iraq including door to door you inside the church because the war has not had that version of its nuclear program program or your reports have always confirmed this so all of this is designed so the negotiations fail because the u.s. and the e.u. . all interested in a regime change they want the iranian people to hurt so much so that there is less discontent in the country roads so that they can pave the road put a regime change in iraq the sanctions hurt ordinary people but the same time it's.
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the people against the west because even some sectors of the media courses in iran who have been traditionally pro-west know or quite hostile to the united states and to all the polices against you want because they see that it is not a war and who is not trying to negotiate in good faith it is the united states and e.u. who failed to negotiate in good. chain reaction style protest international latest copycat stunt took place and london st paul's cathedral or why men from the occupy movement chained themselves to the. service and protest at the wealthy churches links to big backs also why having into the red light district may no longer be anonymous police in the us have decided the most effective method to combat prostitution has just to name and shame the terrorists. now onto
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some more news making international headlines today more than three hundred taliban militants attacked a small police chapel. once pakistan killing seven people including a senior police official insurgents armed with heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenade stormed the post late on sunday two of the dead were beheaded and the building and police vehicles burnt areas on the outskirts of peshawar have witnessed a string of ambushes over the past few months. across the border two boys and a girl were killed in southern afghanistan by a nato airstrike targeting the taliban the united states confirmed it had killed two insurgents who were planting mines along the road as well as three children walking nearby civilian casualties a nato anti taliban rains have severely tested relations between washington and kumble and sparked a u.s. protests. five alleged plotters of the nine eleven attacks are at
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a pretrial hearing in guantanamo bay which will decide how secret evidence should remain a u.s. military judge will look at whether revelations about alleged torture in the prison where they have been held for several years should be made public during their trial families of those killed in the september eleventh attacks and members of the public can watch the trial of army bases in several u.s. states. katie of the business deaths now for a round up of today's a business news casey katydids overview karen yeah well i'm going to start with the gas from story that we've been following all day to do russia's energy diet because the combination of low energy demand and increased competition across the globe means that gas from is now getting request from the european partners for a discount on that. now with this is energy giant any insisting on kalon saying a contract provision they said called take all pay close now it is president got
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only is it reportedly also to remove the coals if he's to remove the expiring contract now the take all pay principle reason any either. takes a specified volume of gas from gas probably all pays a penalty now the fine could reach eighty five percent of the price of lost to any reporters at a loss of six hundred. to pay one point five billion euro in the take or pay. markets are misguided to wall street as he was happy to just say they are holding on to their gains because either the dow jones seven tenths of. american retail sales topped estimates we've got so than health care stocks take them us helping to count we could this is the energy and telecom set to switch off suffering in the session today european markets said and it was buying the so was leading the.
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battle so europe to investors are now looking ahead to the e.u. summit we've got that coming up. a lot of potential spanish so with that in mind a shake out the year and see what is still managing to you for your days as well twenty nine. the greenback gains in strength against the ruble as well in the session but the ruble did manage to gain against the. the markets are closed checkouts they finished up the day and they did in the last hour they were gaining for most of the session prices that really took that toll and that's what we've got time for for now that is the business of for this monday i'm going to back on tuesday following the markets for you that are i think you can next in the program it's peter lavelle and crosstalk.
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well for the future science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. which brightened. evolves from phones to crash and. his crew stunts on t.v. dot com.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. mission and free accreditation free zones for charges free coming from and free risk free studio tied free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media and on to r.t. dot com. i'm in sochi but know your city in europe the hosts of the twenty fawlty in which are the cricket. song. thank you.
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a. saucy. thank you. some way a. dog. days it. can. be . good so. please. continue. to. follow in welcome to cross tab and peter lavelle again we are told the global
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economy risk getting back into recession just three years after pulling out of the previous one growth is slowing in nearly every major country and political uncertainties threaten recoveries in the u.s. and the eurozone and any lessons been learned since the last financial crisis. came. to cross-talk the future of the global economy i'm joined by. in london he is the director of the whole international and in chicago we cross to chris he's an adjunct assistant professor at the school of the art institute of chicago there are gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect and that means you can jump anytime you want and we go to london first what do you think about the i.m.f. had to say because i read the language and they're real he worried here this is not just a bump in the road this is very serious so for a lot of people in the.


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